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Children in the Kibbutz zoo and petting zoo's

This site is about the children's zoo in kibbutz Mishmar-Hasharon and also deals with the concepts of places like it everywhere.

The language is Hebrew - in Hebrew fonts.

If you are Hebrew speaker and you are not seeing Hebrew letters - please check if your navigator has Hebrew support and if the fonts are installed or/and you choose the right encoding - "Hebrew (windows) ".

If you just want to see the pictures from the site - press on one of the following links:

1. Zoo's pictures - this link will take you to a list of Hebrew links of gallery's pictures from Mishmar-Hasharon's zoo. Even if you can not read them press on them.

The gallery - have a lot of important explanations.

2. Children write and paint - in the zoo of Mishmar-Hasharon. Most of the children works are pictures that were scan. As above - this link's going to take you to list of gallery's link - that even if you can't read them - you can select them.

3. Badura and me - Scan Article by Prime Minister Hehud Barak about his working as child in the Kibbutz's fields.


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