THE Lecture by Gary Yourofsky - In Critic View
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 This article is a critical review of the popular lecture by Gary Yourofsky. In that lecture, the lecturer lying, deceiving, presents information in a pseudo-scientific manner and boasts of his crimes, all with great aplomb. The things he said are not moral, and not ecological, healthy and same would also say are distasteful.


Notable examples:


- Gary claims that a person body structure (physiology)  designed to eat only plants - Herbivores. His claim is not correct. From biological point of view - a person is all-eating - Omnivore ( Source ).

A human being is not considered to be a plant-eating creature like a cow: some of our teeth are partly similar (to the untrained eye) to those of herbivores and some others are like predators. We cannot digest cellulose, and if we are vegan, then we need to supplement nutritional B12, i.e. we cannot get everything from plants, but on the other hand, there are vital substances we can mostly get from plants, such as vitamin C. The human stomach produces digestive enzymes to digest elastin, which is type of protein that found only in animal-products. Humans, like mice and rats which are also omnivores, are common in many parts of the world where there are very large differences between the existing food supply nearby. Because we are omnivores, we can live with many types of foods and adapt to them, despite the differences.



In any case to reach a conclusion, we have to ask a specialist in biology / zoology / nutrition, and not ask a lecturer who is uneducated in that field. The lecturer is a demagogue, not even bothering to tell the public that this is his personal opinion, which is completely contrary to a very broad scientific agreement.


Gary gives us some signs for his false claim, including our nail structure, or that a human does not breathe with his tongue out (pant), and therefore Gary concludes that a human is not supposed to eat meat or animal products at all, and the human body is designed to be herbivorous. Gary is lying / mistaken / distorting - these signs do not indicate what our diet should be. There are carnivores and omnivores without these signs. For example, a snake doesnt have nails and eats mice and lizards. Some monkeys are omnivorous but their dexterity is similar to a person (they dont have claws).


There are vegetarian primates, predator primates and omnivorous primates. Everyone of them have nails. This is one of the primates-order characteristics. On the left side Gorilla, vegetarian.
At right picture of a Tarsier. The Tarsiers are carnivores, predators!They have no claws, but Nails (source: Tarsier - Wikipedia , based on Encyclopedia of Mammals).
(The images are from Http:// ). The picture of the tarsier - by Kok Leng Yeo, picture of the gorilla - by Raul654)

sanke swallow rat
Gary says: "claws are a trademark of the carnivore and the omnivore". One thing is what Gary says, and another is the reality. At the image above: snake swallows a young rat - you can see only the tail of the rat sticking out, but you can't see "snake-claws" because no snake has this.



- While eating low-fat meat and low-fat dairy products is healthy, supported clearly say by all the formal organizations based on science, Gary claims that it's not the case, and there is "2 to 1 ratio, showing that meat, cheese, milk and eggs are responsible for every major disease". He does not give us any empirical foundation, he just says it with a great self-confidence. He lies when hes saying this.

- He claims that milk causes osteoporosis, which is also not true. Moreover vegans who do not consume dairy products have more fractures then non-vegans, and thus they endanger themselves (Source ).


gary yourofsky gary yourofsky
Picture form 55 min, and 50-55 s'


The lecture has many scientific errors. For example, he repeats 4 times that a hen's egg - is a period (menstruation). Hens lack a womb, meaning that a period or menstruation, a discharge of mucosal-womb when there is no pregnancy, is impossible. He also says that honey is vomit. Vomit in a person, is when the body emits food that isn't fully digested, because of some kind of "fault". This isnt the same in honey production in bees.

- He shows horror movies that are tendentious. For example the dolphins in the movie. These photos are difficult, but do you eat dolphin? - I guess not. Out of two videos shown, in the other one of them he shows some cowshed workers beating cows just to hurt and abuse them. Do you think that an average cowman get up in the morning and a sadistically beating his cows? You can be sure that he doesn't show any animals that are killed for vegetarian food, such as poisoned mice dying with great suffering and unable to reach her young, which also die as a consequence. A farmer who raises animals for meat, sends them to slaughter with comparatively much less suffering. If the mother dies, the farmer continues to take

care the offspring, that thing doesn't happen to animals like rats/hedgehog/mice.
You can also show other bias movies to support the other side, for example, a pasture with a happy cow, while for the vegetarian diet more animals die like cute raccoons.

- He compares people who use animals to Nazis and murderers. However, if the mass and deliberate killing means murder or being a Nazi, then that's exactly what they do in vegan agriculture - destroying the natural surface, and poisoning many animals purposely and systematically.

- There are much more lies and distortions, for example, he recommends food and claims they do not contain any chemical, but he lies (for example check the Smart-Bacon, it contain potassium chloride), and he says there is no difference between the taste of meat and meat-analogue, or at the beginning if the lecture an announcer compares Gary to the actions of Jesus and of Martin Luther King, and the nonsense doesnt stop there.

When some of Gary's devotees understood that many things in the lecture are incorrect, they respond: "Well, that does not matter, because he is morally right, so this is still a good lecture by a good lecturer". My reply: Firstly, if the lecture includes so many errors, lies, and distortions - how can it be good? Secondly if he lies and distorts so much - is it ethical? If you know about the problems in your own view, how can you morally recommend it to an innocent person? You can't build a moral theory based on nonsense and lies, and also want to impose it by force, or preach for the use of violence like he did indeed has used himself. It is immoral.


A lecturer who lies and distorts openly, with great aplomb and charm, but without guilt, and with a criminal record - is not good. He may have a psychopathic disorder. Please note that this is not an innocent man who made a mistake in a casual conversation on the street. This is a man who prepares for lectures and receives comments from the audience and in other ways like e-mail - it  cannot be accidental that are so many errors and failures, without it being done deliberately.

People are abuse due to his nonsense. He did not offer us a way of life which is a criterion, for example, to what is healthy, moral, economic, ecological, instead of it offers us a vegan Bible, and by using lies and distortions he tries to convince us that it will give us good health, morality and so on. The reason that the Ministry of Health and other agencies based on science recommend eating meat and milk is because it's healthy. They are not the liars, but Gary.

If you did not find any problems with his speech, you might want to check again for your own gullibility. There are lots of inaccuracies. The crowd has trouble withstanding Gary's distortion and tricks, although at least some of them find it easy to detect.
As if there werent enough problems with him and his work, even his supporters want to push his lecture into schools and to the media, and in some cases they succeeded, while they praise his YouTube show as the "Best Speech You Will Ever Hear".

The purpose of this paper is not to harm animals. Although there is no such "world without any suffering and death", there are deaths and suffering that can be prevented. How? One should check what causes suffering and death, and what doesn't. Gary did not do it, but instead he checks what is vegan and what is not. For example, one bull that lives at pasture can live a good life, and give about half a ton of good meat, and all of that at a price of one animal, and its slaughter is with a little suffering. For half a ton of vegan food with complete protein, B12, iron and other important things that the meat has - more animals die and suffer from spraying, pest control, destruction of natural surface or poisoned mother that doesn't come to her babies and the poor creatures die with great suffer. Yourofsky is even against free animals at pasture, and wants to impose his warped perception using violence and crime. Characteristics of a psychopath, dont you think?


Finally, Gary said (begging in 9 minutes nine and 28 seconds) "The propaganda from the animal abusers is enormous ... HAVE SOME MORE MEAT! HAVE SOME MORE CHEESE "... And later (from minute 10 and 12 again) "And then what do you see interspersed between those advertisements? Not feeling so well? Need to see a cancer specialist? How about a heart doctor?

Well - here are the advertisement that Google choose for you at that site. You can check yourself now. Maybe you'll find something interesting for you... Hope you enjoy.














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This article was translated. If you find any mistake - please help to improve the article and send your correction to email